Micaela and I are excited to provide you with our first update on our books. Micaela is doing great on Black Magic and I am doing what I can to stick to 1,000 words a day. It has proven more difficult than advertised.


I started Potions with little to no background. I have been discovering the characters as I write which has created some odd continuity errors. But the characters have evolved with the story, as they are figuring out what’s happening as I am.

Potions focuses on two post graduate students who live in a modern world with a history of magic. The internet has replaced birds, the microchip has replaced Glyphs, and chemistry has replaced potions. The university is cleaning house on out of date studies, forcing a potions and glyph major to share lab space. Tyler and Aby are working through their doctorates trying to produce a reason why their lost arts shouldn’t be forgotten. I’ll show you more as I find it.







I have been working on Black Magic for more than ten years.  What began as a short story about the misadventures of a teenage necromancer has evolved into a significantly longer story about…well, the misadventures of an adult necromancer.  Committing to paper (or, rather, word document) the story that has lived inside of my imagination for so long has been incredibly rewarding and incredibly challenging.  Luckily, the little people in our house have an early bedtime, and I have at least a few hours a night to stare blankly at my computer screen.

Black Magic focuses on a small group of “supernatural” people – two necromancers, a zombie, a witch, and a demon hunter – who are tasked by the mysterious and powerful Council to investigate the murder of one of their own members.  The story is narrated by Ridley, a 20-something necromancer who is struggling to reconcile her childhood dreams of power and success with the reality of her boring, unsatisfying life.  The Council’s assignment offers her the chance to finally do something, but she finds that she and her team are in over their heads when the intensity of the murder and its connection to an ancient and powerful demon are revealed.